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The Flash is a 'not for profit' community radio station based in South Hampshire. We are offering persons

aged 30 to 60 an alternative to the pop stations presently available in this area, by providing a

refreshing diet of classic rock singles and album tracks from 1960 to 1999.


Unlike other stations currently on air we know there is more to music than Maroon 5 and Rihanna, or

even the same tired oldies repeated over and over again.


Other radio stations seem obsessed by X Factor, The Voice and similar tv programmes, but you only

need to visit a local pub to see real live talent, and South Hampshire has more than it's fair share of

talented musicians, bands and singers, many of whom have written and perform their own great

music. We reflect this local talent within our output and promote such performances in the South

Hampshire area.
















































At midnight on Saturday 14th March 2015, The Flash completed our second successful trial FM broadcast, this time to the Havant area on 87.9 mhz FM. For 7 whole days we broadcast live via our transmitter and permanent studio base at The Curlew pub in Petersfield Road, Havant.


Here are just some of the comments that came in from listeners during both of our trial 7 day FM broadcasts, the first being in June 2013.


" I have been tuned into 87.9FM and your format reminds me of the original Radio Victory from the mid to late 70's. A station that gave the listener what they wanted. I wish you the best of luck in the future in obtaining a full time licence hopefully in 2-3 years time"    STEVE BLACK, FAREHAM.


" I have not been able to get enough of The Flash. You are all interesting to listen to. Please see if The Flash can have a permanent FM licence soon"    RICHARD NIGHTINGALE.


" I'm listening to what has become my new favourite radio station as I drive about"    ALEX, GOSPORT.


"Just to say that I have tuned in at different times of the day during the week and have loved hearing the mix of music!. Much as I love the new stuff, you played an all time favourite this morning - George Harrison's 'What Is Life'!, Hocus Pocus and The Travelling Wilburies the other day. Lots of memories of times gone by, but the music stands up today!. Best wishes for future ventures"    

CHRISTINE BATES, Portsmouth City Council.


"Loving the live shows, it's really brilliant being able to listen in the car!!!"   CAROLINE STOREY, HAVANT.


"Wahhh! it's the last day of The Flash on the radio today!. Thanks for entertaining us in the kitchen this week guys"    



"Great radio, great programme content. I hope you get a licence soon"    MICKSZY MANSKI.


"Keep up the amazing work"    DAN VALVERDE.


"Fantastic week of quality music for our local area of Havant. Very Professional broadcasting with lots of info on the local area's. Lots of information on talent around the south of Hants. The Flash reminds me of Portsmouth's original station Radio Victory. Well done to everybody who put this together and make it sound so brilliant. All the best in trying to gain a full time local FM licence for the Havant area"    



"I have really enjoyed listening to the station this week"   DAVID HARRIS, FREELANCE WRITER, EMSWORTH.


"Ahh it was a shame not picking up the flash in the car on my way home from work tonight - glad you were still on the web though

for when I got in!. I really enjoyed listening to all the shows I caught, you are all very friendly characters to listen to, with a great

selection of music. The morning drive time with Martin was brilliant. For a couple of days I had the radio on constantly in the

nurses station, and thought the quality was great - great variety, great presenters, and best of all great rock!!!, I can't wait until

you're on full time fm - good luck!!!"



"A big thanks to Martin Kirby and Derek Pearce at The Flash for yesterday's chance to talk about The Ready To Rock School and our spring charity gig at The Workies in Leigh Park. A wonderful eclectic mix of classic rock and blues tunes!. Where else would you hear The Wizard by Uriah Heep mid afternoon on FM in the UK??"



"HI all at FLash. As the end of the week approaches I wanted to pass a few comments on what I have heard so far.Awesome, I mean seriously. This is exactly the kind of music that I listen to and play on a daily basis and exactly the sort of music that radio stations just won't play, and yet if you were to go and listen to live music in Portsmouth and Southsea you will find a lot of original bands that play music like this to full houses, so I am obviously not the only one. I have passed on your website and FM channel to many of my friends locally and Internationally via the web and I know of at least half a dozen who are now dedicated listeners. Great music, great station, run by Rock music enthusiasts for Rock music enthusiasts. Its just perfect

Keep up the good work, Oh and more Pink Floyd when I go for my walk in the morning (around 8:45)"



"On the school run so can listen in the car now I'm back in Flash territory Yay! Having trouble hearing you in Cosham, but my son Fraser has been loving listening to the blues on the way home.... I have to take the scenic route so we get coverage for longer!! I did just happen to tune in online this afternoon just in time to hear Mark Thompson-Smith on Derek Pearce's show... Have to say a big thank you to Mark just for running his awesome rock school and to Derek for spreading the word and particularly for playing Lucky 13 on air... (Fraser is the guitarist) a great surprise! Look forward to the day you're permanently on air"


About Us

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NEWS UPDATE (21st November 2015)


We would like to sincerely thank Nigel Hoar and Sandra at The Fountain, on The Green in Rowlands Castle for supporting The Flash by holding collections on a Tuesday evening to help raise funds to keep us on air.

The Flash is run as a not for profit concern and is operated by dedicated volunteers, so every penny raised through donations and advertising goes towards the running costs of the station itself.


The Fountain is a friendly live music venue and we can highly recommend a trip there on a Tuesday evening for Nigel's Acoustic & Electric Open Mic Night.

We would of course like to give a special thank you to the customers of The Fountain for every penny raised.


If you are a local musician or run a local live music venue and would like to help raise funds to keep our unique radio station on the air, then please e-mail us via ''. You can also help us by making a donation securely on this website by using the Paypal link below, or by purchasing a Flash T-Shirt from  our merchandise page.


If you offer a service, run a shop, or sell products that you feel would be of interest to our audience then why not use us for your next advertising campaign. Specialist radio stations such as ours give potential advertisers the opportunity to aim their message in the right direction.  

TShirt Nice

Rock Chick Rozii Chaos proudly sporting her new 'The Flash' T Shirt. They are available from our merchandise page.


You can hear Rozii's music on The Flash, and you can find out more about Rozii by visiting her official website at