Adam Freemantle

Adam is an all-round entertainer. Adam began is entertainment career in 1990 as a professional mobile DJ, he continued to DJ for 2 decades and performed thousands of gigs at numerous venues all over the south.

Back in the year 2000 Adam learned magic and started to perform shows for children and their families under the name of Adam The Magic Music Man. “I really feel that performing magic shows – as I still do today – has inspired me to explore other areas of the entertainment industry (radio being one such example)” While living in Spain, Adam presented on several English-speaking radio stations and a local Spanish station ,where himself and his co presenter presented in Spanish. 

Adam is a guitarist and singer and has even dabbled in acting, playing the part of Mitch, in “A street car named desire”. ” I was so happy when I discovered The Flash, I really was becoming bored of mainstream radio stations” Adam’s current show on The Flash is called Lunch Club and features musicians and music lovers alike, picking their favourite tracks, showcasing their own professionally recorded music and relating their personal associations to their choices.