Happy New Year from All the Team

Yet another exciting year ahead of us, thank you to all that have made it happen in 2018 and especially the Listeners. Yes its going to be a big year for the Flash, funds are trickling in from some great and generous supporters but we could do with a little more of a push and some help to reach our Target of £4000 to purchase the equipment and installation for FM. We have already put lots of time effort and Funds raised into getting the Licence go ahead, so we are half way there. To everyone with a connection to THE FLASH Happy New Year 2019

The Flash Team Get Together Christmas 2018

Yet another fantastic get together for many of the Flash Presenters, we really don’t do it enough.
A few faces that match the voices were unable to make it and we missed them very much, one day maybe all the presenters will merge like a FLASH from the storm.

It really is an opportunity for the team to have a real good chat about music, life and experiences they have at the station, many of the team don’t see each other as their paths never cross although the flash broadcasts 24/7.
Its was lovely having new presenters faces in attendance and a couple of listeners too, listeners are always welcome to come along to the events and more than welcome as always to contact the station via email or Facebook
It really was a great turn out, one of the best we would say.
Thank you for Listening and the Team Wishes everyone a Fantastic Christmas
Here’s looking forward to being on FM in the New Year