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The Flash is a not for profit community radio station run entirely by volunteers and promoting the talents of local unsigned bands, musicians, and singer/songwriters in the greater Portsmouth area.

We provide an alternative music service for those who prefer to listen to the likes of Queen, Yes, Pink Floyd or Dire Straits and remember a time when all music was provided by real musicians rather than a computer. We don’t just stick to the well known singles either, we often include lesser heard tracks from classic albums.

Other community radio stations around the country support unsigned artists by providing a specialist programme for followers of the local music scene, while our approach is to reach listeners who would not usually visit a local live music venue by mixing original tracks by local musicians
within our daily output.

We also broadcast a regular Local Live Music Gig Guide so our listeners can follow the artists they hear on air. This gig guide is compiled by our volunteers and is a free service for local music venues and live acts that perform in the South Hampshire area.

The Flash also invites local artists and event organisers in to the studio for on air chats and live acoustic sessions and promotes charity events within our area.

The Flash broadcasts to The Portsmouth area on DAB and streams on the internet WORDWIDE via the website and tunein app for mobile devices. We have recently joined forces with a popular school in the Leigh Park area of Havant. ‘The Flash’ radio station have signed an agreement with Park Community School which has now given the not for profit broadcasters a new home and exciting opportunities for the school and its students.