Dave Mann

After a happy childhood listening to radio; Children’s Choice with Uncle Mac – Nelly The Elephant, Runaway Train etc. Dave was blessed with a primary school education of listening to his older teenage sisters Beatles and Stones records before puberty struck and he spent the next few years lying in a dark room with headphones on listening to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin records. John Peel changed all that, and in the late seventies he was part of one of the few mobile discos in the area playing punk. In the eighties was a freelance music journalist, reviewing albums and gigs for the local paper.

Dave Mann – Presenter

His ‘Wilderness years’ were spent making mix tapes to accompany his travels doing the dreary ‘day job’ but the advent of internet radio meant he could now do what he loved best: playing records with the mission statement of ‘If one person likes it, then it’s job done’

Dave learnt to play the guitar at sixteen with the sole purpose of attracting girls, it didn’t work, so dabbled in Am Dram Musical theatre and still has a guilty pleasure for ‘show tunes’.

Avoid pubs in Chichester where he still can be seen performing silly songs that I write on the train on my way to and from work in London village.