Taken from the Bash! website

We are a five-piece pop band BASH! formed in Southampton in the year 2018, when the reincarnated souls of fallen heroes were drawn together by the power of destiny, music and University. Amongst the heroes is the lead singer Amanda Bashmakova who is tall as the Latvian pine with an abundance of energy in her vocals and on stage. Miles Hobbs, the bass player in the band, clashes with Amanda on stage with unwieldy bass swings. Joe Burgess, the one and only guitar handler in the band has a pedal board that can produce sounds both possible and impossible in our current realm and can only be understood by NASA. Alongside him is percussion boy Angus McIntyre, a chaotic neutral character who enjoys connecting wires to his kit whilst generously providing permanent hearing damage to the rest of the band. Last but by no means least is, John Burdfield who owns the best hair in the band AND a Synth.