Big Blue Car

Big Blue Car is the musical vehicle for Kevin Paul Williams, an English musician who has pitched his tent somewhere along the chalk of the South Downs and who still has no idea what style of music he is producing – perhaps you can help?

Big Blue Car is the One-Man-Band musical vehicle for KP Williams – long time guitarist and recording obsessor with all audio and visual material being produced by one person in one room in isolation. Truly ‘in-house’.

Over the years KP Williams has met and worked with some interesting bods from the music industry, written a smattering of commercial music, and previously ran an almost five year stint playing and writing with Portsmouth band An American In Paris.

after years of continually collecting snippets of music ideas and mobile recordings Big Blue Car emerged to focus once again on this hermit-like way of making music.

The striving is to produce sounds and stories which are personal and truthful, while also making it accessible for any audience who are looking for something a little different, yet similar.

Big Blue Car Albums and EPs can be found on a number of the big streaming and download services, but for something a little more personal you can also visit