Ishkah grew out of an idea back in August 2017,  a conversation between two people from different ends of the country.  A conversation about the possibility of collaborating on a project.  Initially to be a one off venture, working on an existing written instrumental.  The pair chatted about the possibilities, and from this conversation, evolved Ishkah.

Ishkah are…

April Jarocka:  An artist, author, lyricist and vocalist.  

Ricky Humphrey: Composer, instrumentalist and engineer. 

A biog, in brief…

Ricky, the former bassist for the band ‘RISE’ (who had supported Kula Shaker, Tiny Monroe and Audioweb), had created a solo project entitled Nature Kills.  The project, he felt, had run its course, and a new challenge was required.  

Ricky was aware of April, as she had added her voice to a track that had been created by a facebook group, all of which were Mick Karn fans. Ricky was impressed mostly by the vocal he had heard, and hung on to this for a number of years.  Once the Nature Kills project had run its course, Ricky remembered what he had heard and messaged April.  The conversation was both promising and exciting.  April agreed to adding her voice to a track of her selection, an instrumental that Ricky had written under the guise of ‘ToxicEar’, an experimental, bass driven exercise.

So, files were exchanged.  Ricky says on receiving Aprils vocal; “Hearing it for the first time against my own composition, I was just blown a way, my jaw had hit the floor and a kind of energy was buzzing all over my body, a very strange reaction and not one I had experienced before.”  Ricky played the song several times, even insisting that his wife listen to it, she too was equally impressed.  

April and Ricky were equally impressed on how well the track had developed, new parts were written to compliment the vocal even further, and the track shared on social media.  A great response was received, and the pair galvanised by this, agreed to work on another track.  This amounted to a few and a conversation was then had about forming a partnership, a group, which of course required a name.

Ricky:  “Ishkah, was selected as the project name, purely because it sounded and felt right.  Many names were in the hat, but this one just kept re-imerging, April is responsible for it.  It seemed to fit comfortably within the realms of Psychedelia, within Mysticism, we had already and inadvertently created an ethnic vibe within what we were doing, so it fitted our sound, perfectly.”