The BC Experiment

The BC Experiment from Facebook

The BC Experiment are a Southampton based band consisting of old skool punk Rikki Valentine and musical genius Jimbo Loverug, managed and cared for by Chrissie Valentine. In their own words:

“There’s so many household-name 3 piece bands, plenty of solo artists, but very few ‘alternative’ duos.

If you’re determined to be different, unholy couples are a good start. Can you name a duo brought up on a diet of punk culture? That’s BC Experiment territory.

Two misfits who happen to work so well together it would be rude not to record/perform our creations.

The focus is on dark fun as we simply reflect the world around us, being respectful while remaining unafraid to lose the plot if the mood takes us.

Your focus though, we hope, will be on that word fun, because that’s what we want you to have. That’s all we’re having.

Tune out, drop in, our plan is no plan. Starts now. 1-2-3-4.”