John Cronnolley

He was born in North Manchester in 1955. He has worked on national newspapers and also in a call centre for a national energy company. He was a local councillor at the turn of the Millenium.

For over 20 years he helped to paint the Ross Revenge, which was one of Radio Caroline’s ships in the 1980s and in 2010 he was able to fulfil a lifetime ambition to broadcast on Caroline.

Big Al introduced us to john back in July of 2020 when we were all enduring Covid lockdowns. At that time many of our presenters were unable to come to our studio to present shows, so I was looking for anyone who could bring us shows from their own homes.

John presented his first show for us on the evening of Thursday 9th July 2020, and became an instant hit with our listeners.

After settling into his own slot he became a regular contributor to my weekly Motown show, and it soon became apparent that he had a huge knowledge of the Motown scene. I did the obvious thing and passed the show over to the master, and once again he proved his talents as a broadcaster.

John battled with Cancer for many years, and eventually had to stop producing shows for health reasons in October 2021, however that friendly and informative Bolton accent continued to feature on The Flash via his back catalogue of shows.

John sadly passed away in July of 2023, and is very sadly missed.

He not only brought us brilliant radio shows, but was very generous to The Flash in many other ways. He was proud to be a member of our team, and boy were we proud to have him. Even with his health problems he would often travel 250 miles to come to our Get togethers, and the last time we saw him was at one such event at The Red Lion in Cosham in May of 2023.

As a tribute to our friend John Cronnolley we continue to broadcast his programmes on The Flash, so he can continue to bring us joy from above! x

John Cronnolley