Mark Wiseman

Joining the The Flash on air just combines a lot of what Mark likes, Music, Guitar and a good pair of hands to help with the practical development of this Great Local Station. Bring on the Challenges He Says.

Mark Wiseman

Mark has several real passions in life the main one of which is the Guitar, mark has been playing guitar since he was 14 and has had many opportunities in his life to join bands and even accompany some great solo artists and singers, but as mark will admit himself he enjoys dipping in and out of the performing scene as knows that he’s not one of the best players but loves to get involved.

He has a large collection of guitars and only has a few special models left to collect to make a full collection of a unique range. He has a great love of music in general with instrumental guitar music being his favourite. As a young boy hearing the Shadows on the radio was just the best and it was from here he was inspired to learn guitar.

Mark has been an IT Technician for over 18 years and has a good understanding of all things technical, in recent years mark has taken a career change into the world of Premises Management for a local business, he is also a keen Photographer having many years experience in portrait and event photography and even has a photo studio in his house for portrait and close up photography. Mark prides himself that he can turn his hand to anything and often makes bespoke wooden and metal items.

You can check out his photography website here