Wow £1000 , Thank You Tesco

I must say a huge thank you to Tesco Extra in Solent Road, Havant and their customers, because we were today presented with a cheque for £1000.00 through their store token scheme. This money will of course be going towards the purchase of transmission equipment for our forthcoming greater Waterlooville FM service.
Liz Jones from Tesco visited our studio this morning to present this giant cheque to us while Rog Wilson presented his show on air. You can find out more about the way Tesco support the local community by clicking on the link below. 
Thank you Liz and please pop in again soon to tell our listeners about your work.She is a huge rock fan so will find it easy to come up with a few music choices. I must say Liz looked very confortable in our on air chair!.

Caroline Storey is our Community Funding Officer and we must say thank you to her for putting us forward for this token scheme.

The Fantastic Katy Hurt in the Studio On Chris Rogers DriveTime

Wow we were all blown away with the Talent of Katy Hurt in the Studio, as usual Chris Rogers gave us a  great interview with Katy playing lots of her tracks from her Latest Album. Find out more about Katy at her Website

What the listeners didn’t hear was the small bursts of her vocals singing along to her music Off AIR. She hopes to pop back in the studio in the Future with the Band for an acoustic set and we all look forward to that. The Flash thanks her for popping in and making over an hours Journey to be with us.