Steve Vinyl

Punk and New Wave music is in my veins and one of the main reasons for me getting excited about music again, jumping up on stage, playing an instrument and forming my first punk band in 1977.

Steve Vinyl

Since those heady days I have played in many bands over the years, in many musical genres, including a spell as a mobile DJ, but the whole Punk ethos and attitude has never been far from my heart.

So when I heard about local community radio station The Flash was looking for a Punk and New Wave DJ, I jumped at the chance, dusted down my vinyl record collection and was banging at the studio door.

The great thing about The Flash radio station is that Martin the station manager doesn’t have a playlist of songs that you have to play, which is what makes it different from other local radio stations, in that you won’t hear the same tired oldies being played again and again. “Play what you want” was his words, which makes it even more fun for me and you the listener, playing all the punk and new wave classic songs that I love and grew up with.

My DJ hero has to be John Peel, who was one of the first national DJ’s in Britain to promote punk on his radio show in the evening on Radio 1. Im sure a lot of up and coming bands at that time owe their carer success to John Peel, in giving them the exposure they needed to move onto the next level. The Flash is also hoping to do the same, because as well as playing classic music, the station wants to promote local artists. So if you play and write your own songs, either solo, or in a band, or know of someone who does, then we would love to hear from you.