Please spare us a moment to complete our listener survey, as this will help make The Flash even better. Thank you to everyone who have already taken time to take part, and you can see the results so far below this form.

Welcome to your The Flash Listener Survey

Question 1 – What is your name?

It would be great to know your name but you don't have to tell us if you don't want to.

Question 2 - How did you find out about The Flash?

Question 3 – The Flash can be heard via FM, DAB radio, TuneIn App, The Flash Website or from streams via other providers. Let us know which of these outlets you use to listen to The Flash.

Question 4 – From which location do you listen to The Flash?

Question 5 – How often do you listen to The Flash, and at which times?

Question 6 – What do you like the most about The Flash?

Question 7 – What don’t you like about The Flash?

Question 8 – Which other radio station do you listen to the most?

Question 9 - How old are you?

Like question 1, you don't have to tell us but it would be really handy to know.

Q1. What is Your Name?

A1 Male = 80% Female = 20%

Q2. How Did You Hear About the Flash?

A2 Recommended by a Friend = 48% Surfing Radio/Internet = 42% Adverts = 10%

Q3. How Do You Listen to the Flash?

A3 FM = 55% DAB = 10% Internet = 35%

Q4. Where are you Listening to the Flash?

A4 Local = 70% Worldwide = 30%

Q5 How Often Do You Listen to the Flash?

A5 Daily = 75% Often = 25%

Q6. What Do You Like Most About the Flash?

A6 Local Music = 23% Presenters = 35% Music Variety = 42%

Q7. What Do You Like Least About the Flash?

A7 Everything Good = 40% Poor Reception (DAB mostly) = 18% Repeats/Not Like Local Music/Presenter Errors = 42%

Q8. Which Radio Stations Do You Listen To?

A9 Flash Only = 18% BBC Radio 1-6 = 30% Greatest Hits = 10% Absolute/Planet Rock = 10% Others = 32%

Q9. How Old Are You?

A9 60 years