Martin Kirby

Station Manager

This large but jolly gentleman is the man behind The Flash. His interest in radio began when he first heard Radio Caroline shortly after it’s return in 1983, and the said stations then format of album rock music was also a major influence.

He ran his own pirate radio station called Freesound Radio from 1988 until 1992, and being on shortwave managed to gain regular listeners throughout Europe and even reached the United States.

During the late 80’s Martin made regular trips to the Irish Republic and studied the diverse but unregulated radio industry in that country.

In 1993 he joined Tony Smith in Clanfield and using the name Mark King helped him build up his pirate station called Angel Fm. Martin and Tony worked closely together through Angels development into a much respected community radio station, which after a great deal of work now has a full time licence to serve Havant Borough as Angel Community Radio.