Edward Couzens-Lake


Ed is one of that lucky generation whose formative years were spent acquiring a musical education that elevated him above singular devotion to TOTP, preferring instead, to tune into the crackling and remote frequencies of Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline and, as his teenage years started to bite, the Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance, the one and only time he admit to listening to “275 and 285…and stereo VHF”.

Ed’s greatest musical loves include Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Gabriel-era Genesis and The Enid. A list that grows longer by the day.

Rockers never grow old, they just have to accept that the mullet is now even more unfashionable than it was when Ed sported his and, mullet-less, he now works as a busy author and ghostwriter as well as Chichester Hospital Radio where he hosts two live shows a week.

The opportunity to share some of his favourite music with a whole new audience and bunch of like minded friends has, as Ed admits, “…filled me with delight and nervous anticipation. I know how much The Flash is loved and respected and am very pleased to be added to the great list of The Flash presenters”.