Larry Oster


I was born in London and grew up there during the 60s and 70s when there were so many great and exciting things happening around the music scene. Down the road from my house was the Roundhouse where some of the great bands of that era played every Sunday and so it was a regular music venue for me and my friends.

I arrived in Portsmouth at the end of the hot summer of 1976 as a student at Portsmouth Polytechnic (now the Uni) and felt at home here from the very start. Aside from a few years after college when I lived in Kent, I’ve lived in Portsmouth ever since and love it here.

I recently retired after careers in IT, Driving Instruction and working with Adults with Learning Disabilities. It’s great now having the time to do some new things. For example, I’ve now got involved in my granddaughter’s school as a volunteer helping children with their reading. I’ve also got more time now to listen to music – as well as rock and blues, I also enjoy classical, jazz, gospel, choral and film soundtrack music.

I feel very privileged for the chance to join the Flash team – it’s a new challenge for me and an opportunity to meet some great new people. My only qualification for doing this job is my love of music and a desire to share it with loads of people. I hope you enjoy the show and feel free to contact me via the Flash email or Facebook page.