Derek Pearce

Growing up in the sixties, the soundtrack of Derek’s formative years came from the era of Peace, Music and Love. With no TV in the house, at 8pm every night the radio went straight to to 208 metres and Radio Luxembourg, listening to such greats as Tony Prince, Stuart Henry and the fledgling Kenny Everett. He also has fond memories of listening to the Pirate station Radio Northsea International.

Derek Pearce – Presenter

Starting out as a trainee DJ at South Parade Pier’s ‘Bubble Bar’, he soon became established, playing mostly the Brit and Glam Rock that was popular at the time, and working with many of the chart-topping bands of the era. Then, in 1974, the pier burnt down, leaving Derek needing a social life… and a job!.

While trucking during the day, Derek ran a successful mobile disco, taking opportunities to co-present shows on Radio Victory and 2CR in Bournemouth and doing many of their roadshows. In early 1982 he was offered a 3 month contract with the local station. With 3 ½ million on the dole queue and no guarantee of a renewal after 3 months, he politely declined and joined the Metropolitan Police instead!

As an 80’s London copper Derek had to put the disco on ice, but in 1997 he got back in to radio, running a regular prime-time ‘Crimestoppers’ style program on Thames Radio 107.8 in Teddington, and being the ‘Police Spokesman’ on many newscasts regarding major incidents. On retiring from the ‘Old Bill’ in 2007 he hit the road again, specialising in rock discos, and supporting many local live bands.

The opportunity to join The Flash was snapped up with glee! “I’ve always believed that job satisfaction is everything, and it doesn’t get more satisfying than playing rock music and entertaining people. My music is my toolkit, and I’ve got the best tools in the world. The rest is up to me. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!”