8.00am – ‘The Hot Rocking Breakfast Show’ with Derek Pearce, including Andy Palmer’s Sports Report at 8.30am, and The Local Live Music Gig Guide at 9.15am. (Live)

10.00am – ‘Up To 11’ with Kev Fiford

11.00am – Martin Rogers

12.00pm – ‘The Bella Estelle Hour’. Join local singer/songwriter Bella Estelle as she shares her favourite music, and updates us on all things Bella Estelle

1.00pm – ‘The 50/50 Show’ with Graeme Quar. Every other track is from a local artist

2.00pm – ‘Saturday Sunshine’ with Milly Tricker (Live)

4.00pm – ‘The Progressive Rock Show’ with Andrew Lyons

6.00pm – ‘Diggin The Scene’ with Colin & Phil delving into the world of Mod culture

7.00pm – ‘The Soul & Ska Show’ with Stuart Mightyz Inglis

8.00pm – ‘Rainbow Ark Reggae Show’ with Stuart Mightyz Inglis

9.00pm – ‘The Northern Soul Hour’ brought to you by The Woodman pub in Purbrook

10.00pm – The Paul Groovie Show. This is another chance to enjoy his Tuesday night show. Served up from his Kitchen.

Midnight – ‘Seventies Sunday Through The Night’