7.00am – ‘Welcome to Sunday’ With Don Lloyd from St George’s Church and The Waterlooville Music Festival

7.30am – ‘Beautiful Monday’. Let Dielle Hannah fill your ears with positive songs, and fill your heart with positive thoughts for the week to come.

8.00am – ‘Sunday Breakfast’ with Martin Kirby (Live)

10.00am –  ‘Up To 11’ with Kev Fiford

11.00am – ‘Alternate Beatles’ with Peter Crew

1.00pm – ‘Blues & Beyond’ with Chris Fosbrook

2.00pm – ‘Songs From The Loft’ with Tony Hutchens from ASAP Cat Rescue in Waterlooville

3.00pm – ‘The Weekly Folk Show’ with Nick Molyneaux

4.00pm – ‘Chatterbox’ with Martin Kirby. Join Martin as he chats to interesting guests from the local area and beyond

5.00pm – ‘The Album Experience’ with Raymond Butt

7.00pm – ‘The Sunday Jukebox’ with Big Al and Mandy M playing your real music requests!

9.00pm – ‘The Vintage Local Music Hour’. (The New Music Hour will return on Sunday 4th July)

10.00pm  – ‘Steve Vinyl & Guests’ (archive show)